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Amélie Lainé lives and works in France, near Paris. She holds a Master's degree in Visual Arts - Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris, 2008 and a Bachelor's degree in Aesthetics - Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris, 2005.

I see my work as a transmission, the testimony of a reflection on the world around me: we are only the trace of a collective memory. The themes that I develop are most often social, societal, such as the place of women in society, the panoptic effect of video surveillance, the authority of society, tolerance of encounters, the environment... Human themes that feed the news.



Photographs are representations of scale model sets. They are empty places, with no living presence, where I install different elements in order to build a personal universe. Each manufactured object has a defined place to guide the spectator's reflection.


I make the objects with several techniques: painting, sculpture, drawing, plaster, clay, wood, polystyrene... What matters to me is the final rendering for the shooting.


You can find different objects in several photographs because I recycle them. I like to create these small objects according to my style, they have an artistic existence independent of the picture and are reusable.


The spectator can project his imagination in this empty space in order to make his thoughts travel, assemble the different clues on the subject and grasp my idea. It is a questioning, but the choice of the answer is left to the viewer.


The place interests me because it is perennial, it transmits culture and bears witness to our passage. 



My photographic places are to be animated, to be reanimated sometimes. The human presence is intensified by the trace of its furtive passage, its mortality.


I have always been fascinated by colours, there is no such thing as a plain colour in Nature, light is a multicoloured spectrum where colours combine.


I have been painting since I was a teenager, trying to transmit through pictorial colours, the light on objects, beings, plants.


I build the subject by uniting the colors to work with characters, animals, living beings. I try to reveal an emotion through an atmosphere where the hues are superimposed. My works arise from a feeling about the world around me.


Today, I have the impression that images swallow us up, they are thoughtless snapshots of our lives: we need to show who we are through demonstrative and quickly forgotten photographs. We look at the world through a screen.


I realized that all these images are suffocating me. I need to give meaning and growing emotion to the ones I'm building.

Amélie Lainé plasticienne

12/11 to 30/11/2019: Renaissance Exhibition, Pôle d'art Culturel - Courtenay (45)

31/10 to 10/11/2019: Solo exhibition, Galerie Laloge, Paris 14th

11 to 14/08 2019 : Festival Art actuel, Dives-sur-mer, Normandy

1/05 to 30/06 2018 : 4th Biennial of Contemporary Art in Beauce, ERYA association, Huisseau-sur-Mauves.

February 14 to 18, 2018 : Collective exhibition Art Capital, Salon des artistes indépendants, Grand Palais, Paris

20 to 22 October 2017: Art Shopping Exhibition, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

11 to 15 October 2017: Salon d'Automne, avenue des champs Elysées, Paris

September 21 to October 2, 2017 : Group exhibition, Galerie Beauté du Matin Calme, Paris 15ème

18 July to 20 August 2017 : Group exhibition "Double je", Creation of an in-situ work with the Couleur Vinaigre association, Campo Santo d'Orléans.

May 21 to 26, 2017: Group exhibition at Gaon Gallery in Seoul, South Korea

May 15 to 20, 2017: Group exhibition at Gallery K, Tokyo, Japan

7 to 9 April 2017 : Exhibition at Art3F Lyon, EUREXPO, Chassieu 

March 2 to 13, 2017 : Group exhibition at the Galerie Beauté du Matin Calme, Paris 15th.

18 to 20 November 2016: Exhibition at Art3F Mulhouse, Parc des Expositions. 

26 October to 13 November 2016: Group exhibition, Galerie Kunstraub 99, Köln, Germany.

4 to 6 November 2016: Group exhibition, Marché de L'art, association ERYA, Artenay.

14 to 16 October 2016: Exhibition at Art3F Nice, Parc des expositions in Nice

13 to 16 October 2016: Salon d'Automne, avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris.

October 1 to 10, 2016 : Exhibition at 8 Street Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

22 to 26 July 2016 : Group exhibition, London, 5Th Base Gallery

20 to 22 May 2016 : Exhibition at Art3F Toulouse, Parc des expositions

11 November 2015 to 3 December 2015 : Group exhibition, Galerie Kunstraub 99, Köln, Germany.

22 October to 2 November 2015 : Group exhibition, Galerie BDMC, Paris 15ème.

15 to 18 October 2015 : Salon d'Automne, avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris.

17 to 22 August 2015: Group exhibition, Space in Art, New York.

June 28 to September 6, 2015 : Group exhibition "Echappée Belle", organized by the Salon d'Automne, at the Maison des Traouiero, Perros-Guirec.

15 to 21 June 2015 : Group exhibition, City Hall of Seoul, South Korea.

April 30 to May 11, 2015 : Group exhibition at the Galerie Beauté du Matin Calme, Paris 15th.

9 to 22 April 2015 : Group exhibition, Bog-Art Gallery, bogaardenstraat 18, Brussels, Belgium

3 to 10 March 2015 : Group exhibition, Yang Hong Art Space Center, Songjiang district, Beijing, China

20 November 2014 to 7 January 2015 : Group exhibition, Galerie Kunstraub 99, Köln, Germany

16 to 19 October 2014 : Autumn Fair, avenue des Champs Elysées in Paris

February 15 to March 8, 2014 : Exhibition Conversation and Spatiality, Galerie Pole Art 13, 16 rue Brillat Savarin, Paris 13

5 to 11 October 2009 : Exhibition Festival du Bonhomme, at the Atelier du 8, 8 rue des Bons Enfants, with the Sztukart association, Grenoble

6 to 19 September 2004 : Exhibition, Galerie Communic'Art, Paris 14th

30 September to 25 October 2002 : Exhibition at the 9th Salon des jeunes artistes d'Art Contemporain, Espace Château-Landon Galerie, Paris 10th


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