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places I

This series shows a deserted island under video surveillance. The man adapts his posture to the information indicated on the panel at the bottom right of the photograph "area under video surveillance". This sign conditions him, the knowledge that he is being watched gives him unconsciously a course of action to follow. This is the panoptic effect, the deterrence of harmful conduct by the information to be identified. Without the awareness of being filmed, video surveillance records facts that have already happened, which are incriminating to the accused, but have no impact on others who are slowly passing by.

Mes œuvres sont des photographies de décors réalisés en techniques mixtes au moyen de matériaux tels que : peinture, sculpture, dessin, plâtre, terre argile, bois, polystyrène… Ces maquettes sont d’une longueur de 3 mètres et d’une largeur de 2 mètres

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